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Better Reporting for Better Water Management

AgDRIP is not compensating for reports in 2020, but we have modified the AgDRIP app to allow users to submit reports at any time for their own tracking purposes. Also, we would also be grateful for your input on one brief question about how long it typically  took to submit a report. Please click here to answer that one question.

Sponsored by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture, Albany State University and Colorado State University are managing a voluntary water reporting program titled the Agricultural Data Reporting Incentive Program (AgDRIP). The program compensates agricultural producers that report their water use on a monthly basis during the growing season.

In the US, a number of programs capture agricultural water use on an annual basis. No programs, however, provide the agricultural community with a measure of the important differences in water use within the growing season. In AgDRIP, producers that enroll in the program are asked to provide readings on up to two water meters at the beginning of each month. Reports can be easily submitted on this website or via a mobile app for either iOS or Android systems. Each producer can access their reports to see how their own water use varies by month, and across years.

Your participation in the program will be kept strictly confidential. None of the individual water use information that is collected as part of the program will be shared with state or federal regulatory entities. AgDRIP only shares aggregate water use information by area, crop and month.

The information collected will contribute to a better understanding of how differences in water use within the growing season influence crop production. The information collected will provide producers, researchers, and water managers with a better understanding of how water may be used more efficiently without compromising crop production or the sustainability of shared water resources.

The program will also investigate how different reporting incentives offered to producers may influence participation in the program. This will contribute to an understanding of possible tradeoffs in the design of future voluntary reporting programs. See our FAQ for more information.

Invitations with additional details will be sent to eligible irrigated landowners in mid-February. Every eligible irrigated landowner is invited to register up to two meters during the registration process. Additional meters can be added by logging in to the AgDRIP website or the mobile app after registration. If you are interested in participating in the 2019 AgDRIP program, please click here to register. If you did not receive an invitation, but believe you should have, please contact us.